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                             广东电子送彩金游乐设备有限公司是一家专业从事新型儿童游乐设备研发、制造、销售为一体的现代化游乐设备制造企业。公司致力于通过优质的产品、高效的服务及灵活的合作模式,为客户提供一站式的全方位整体解决方案。 公司从成立以来,一直以质量为本,以客户需求为最大目标,努力为客户提供高品质产品。公司目前主要有室内淘气堡、大型组合滑梯全系列及其他幼教和健身设备等几十类数百种产品。产品均为国际国内的先进产品,品质均达到欧美等发达国家标准。目前在全国各地的儿童游乐场、大中型商超、幼儿园等得到了广泛应用,并出口到欧美、日韩、东南亚等二十多个国家和地区。 专业、专注,锐意进取,我们将以持续的技术创新与管理优化,努力为客户创造最大化的价值增长,这是我们坚定不移的使命,也是我们一直追求的目标。
                              Henan Yu Di Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development, production and sales of new type of children's amusement equipment manufacturing enterprise. The company is committed to providing customers with a one-stop full range of solutions through quality products, efficient service and flexible cooperation model. Since the establishment of the company, has been to the quality of this, to customer needs as the biggest goal, and strive to provide customers with high quality products. The company currently has indoor naughty fort, large combination slide series and other preschool and fitness equipment dozens of hundreds of products. Products are international and domestic advanced products, quality has reached the United States and other developed countries. At present, the children's playground, the large and medium size business over the country, the kindergarten has been widely used, and exported to Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Professional, focused, forge ahead, we will continue to technological innovation and management optimization, and strive to create maximum value for customers, which is our firm's mission, but also we have been pursuing the goal.